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Have you ever: 1. Kissed ur cousin: no never 2. Ran away: haha i… - Girls don't like boys//... Girls like cars and money [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 4th, 2004|01:40 am]
Have you ever:
1. Kissed ur cousin: no never
2. Ran away: haha i ATTEMPTED..i came back home 10 minutes later. it was fucking cold
3. Pictured your crush naked: doesnt everyone?
4. Skipped school: yes
5. Been in love: i guess sorta..love is a weird thing
6. Broken someones heart: i've made a boy cry!!!
7. Cried when someone died: of course. who the fuck do you think i am? i dont laugh after something so tragic as that happens
8. Wanted someone u knew u couldnt have: um.. all the time
9. broken a bone: yeah, my arm in kindergarden
10. done something embarrassing:umm duh
11. lied: yes of course
12. cried in school: yeah, not too recently but i certainly have.
Which is better:
13. coke or pepsi: coke
14 Sprite or 7up: sprite
15 girls or guys: girls
16. flowers or candy: candy..chocolate yum
17. Scruff or clean shaved: clean shaved
18 blondes or brunettes: i use to think blondes but now i think brunettes for sure
19 bitchy or slutty: slutty. i know a lot of good hearted sluts.
20 tall or shorty: showty
21 pants or shorts: pantalones
22 night or day: night
With the Opposite Sex
23 What do you notice first? eh, nothing
24 Last person you slow danced with? whoaaa i don't remember probably alex in 7th grade at the winter dance when he told me he liked me!! hahaah
25 Worst question to ask: do you ski?
Last Time you:
26 showered: this morning
27 stepped outside: about an hour ago
28 kissed someone: last week
About you:
29 Romantic memorie: collin and i making out at the movies in the summer of 6th grade. we use to feed eachother popcorn and i would lay on his lap and lick his hair. oh and another one was when we made out on my bed under the covers with candles burning. he was my first real boyfriend.
30 Good luck charm: my hair
31 Person you hate the most: theres a select few i do hate. i'd rather not name them cause i could care less about them so why take the time to talk about people i dont give a shit about??
32 Best thing that has happened: i don't know
33 On your desk: my computer, a bunch of magazines, money, a scraf, picture things
34. Picture on your desktop: whatever came with the computer
35 color: RED
36 movie: Girl, Interruped
37 artist or band: greenday, anti flag, sugar cult, ashleeaaa simpson!
38 car: faraeaee
39 ice cream: chocolate
40 food: everythinf
Do you ever:
41 sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night?: not really
42 save AIM conversations: occasinally
43 save emails: not usually
44 forward secret emails: what the fuck?
45 wish u were some1 else: much of the time, yes
46 wish u were the opposite sex?: no way. i love being a girl
47 wear cologne: hahaha no
48 kiss: yes
49 cuddle: yes. i like to cuddle with girls ;)
50 go online longer than 8 hours at a time: umm...no
Have you ever
1. fallen for your best friend? mmmhhmm
2. made out with just a friend?mmhmm
3. kissed two pple in the same day?yea
4. had sex with two different pple in the same day? noo
5. been rejected: i've never asked a guy out before
6. been in love: sorta
7. been in lust: yes
8. used someone: yes
9. been used: once
10. dumped someone: yea
11. been cheated on: yeah
12. done something u regret: oh yes
Who was the last person you:
13. touched: kathryn
14.talked to: kathryn
15. hugged: kathryn
16. Imed: david
17. Kissed: kathryn, on the cheek
18. Yelled at: my mother
19. thought about: david
20. last person to text message you: andy
21. last person to break ur heart: myself. i broke my heart after breaking up with drake
22. last person that told u they love you: myself
Have you/do you/are you
1. stolen anything: yes
2. smoke?: no
3. schizophrenic?: no
4. obsessive?: no
5. compulsive?: sure
6. obsessive compulsive?: not really
7. panic?: sometimes
8. anxiety?: a lot
9. depressed? once in a while

yes it's finally saturday even though it is 1 in the morning. All the things to look forward to: 1) i get my i pod back 2) i recieve my allowence 3) i'm going shopping 3) i'm getting my hair cut 5) i'm seeing david tonight 6) i've now been 15 for 4 months which means i should really start taking driving classes NOWWW. i'm gunna start next weekend i think.

[User Picture]From: jrgradecool
2004-12-04 05:30 pm (UTC)
"been in lust: yes" What's that? Your going to drive soon, yay! I wanna see you drive before I leave school. I always enjoy wtaching new drivers stream out of the parking lot after school, it makes me smile.
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[User Picture]From: h_b_loveme
2004-12-04 06:18 pm (UTC)
not really soon..probably next year sometime. but that's soon enough. being in lust is like when two people are attracted to eachother physically and generally not emotionally so like..they just like eachother for their looks i guess..or one person can be in lust with another, only liking that person cause they find them appealing
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[User Picture]From: jrgradecool
2004-12-05 02:39 am (UTC)
Sounds bad, becuase people should be jugded by their character and not apperance. But, thanks for telling me what the difference between lust / infaution and love.
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