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I'm going down to LA saturday morning. Last minute shit, sucks sorta… - Girls don't like boys//... Girls like cars and money [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 8th, 2004|06:09 pm]
I'm going down to LA saturday morning. Last minute shit, sucks sorta cause I had plans for that night. I'm excited about the whole going to LA part but not the reason behind it. My great aunt(i guess that's what she was) died two nights ago so it's like a serviceish thing instead of a funeral. Some rabi is gonna come and there will be speeches and what not. I hope it's not too depressing. She was always so nice to me and I have good memories of last year with her which was the last time I saw her when she was healthy or at least some what. The first night of hannukah is tonight. Happy Hannukah!! Yay, presents. Eh actually I don't think i'm getting any until thrusday night cause I'm gunna be with my dad for dinner tonight and tomorrow night and hes a stupid Christian. Alright whatever. I have homework so I'm gonna go. Coheed and Cambria are frickin' awesome. Bye, bye beautiful is my fave song at te moment. Oh and I'm reading a book called TTYL and it's written in only AIM convo's. It's hella awesome, everyone should read it.

[User Picture]From: jrgradecool
2004-12-08 01:31 am (UTC)
Is TTLY a book about Aol Instant messanger conversation? Will your mom give you a gift each night? Sorry about your aunt.
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