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Girls don't like boys//... Girls like cars and money

4 August
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Yeah. This is my journal.
Music is my life. I LOVE singing and pretending to play guitar(I don't actually know how to play) I play with Drake's guitar 24/7. He's gunna give me private lessons though. I'm paying him a dollar a lesson. I spend more time listening and singing along with music than I do anything else. I love punk rock, rock, alternative, and some pop is okay, like Ashlee Simpson. Pretty In Punk is the greatest song ever. Yeah and uhmmm I love shopping. When I get money I spend it immeditaly on clothes. I rarely have money though. Angelina Jolie is ohmygod so HOT. So is Emily Vancamp. My ideal dream is to get plastic surgery so I can look like both of them combined. Oh.. i'd die from looking at myself in the mirror. All I need is about 100,000 dollars. Anyone willing to give it to me?

got nothing to loose this time
and I'm bored with the same old lines
I never know what to do or what to say to you
one look and you'll knock me out
you put me on the floor with a ten count
I don't wanna make a scene I gotta make you see
that I've been waiting for a girl like you
and I know there's nothing I could do

don't wanna make you hurt
don't wanna make you feel
like the world ain't on your side
like you're never gonna get it right
no I can't fight I can't sleep at night
just thinking about you girl
I'm a fool for you
yes I am

you've been on my mind
since I saw you walking by
I knew I had to know you better you were everything
but I didn't know what to say
so you just walked away
I couldn't believe what a fool I was to let you go
cause that I've been waiting for a girl like you
and I know there's nothing I could do

repeat chorus


then I saw you at the beach talking with my friends
I couldn't believe my eyes it was my lucky day
so I just asked you out to the Forum to see No Doubt
when you said you would go I thought I might explode
cause that I've been waiting for a girl like you
and I know there's nothing I could do

repeat chorus (2x)

yes I am
I am a fool for you
yes I am
I am

Dawson's Creek is by far the best show from the 90's.

Abby: Or I make a joke about ho bags and Jen starts humping the coach.
Jen: Screw you, Abby.
Abby: See what I mean?!

Abby:(watching a porno) They're just doing what they love. Jen, you might end up on one of those films in a few years.

Jen : How’s that for Irony, huh?… Bad girl throws up on a white picket fence… Don’t be disgusted by me Dawson, deal with me, okay, accept me, and accept the fact that there are people in this world that don’t need saving…
Dawson : Jen, you’re drunk.
Jen : No, Listen to me, I’ve tried, Okay, I have tried to live my life just like you, I just don’t have that sort of… hope… But if everybody did then people like you wouldn’t be so special, so…
Dawson : Jen, you’re special.
Jen : No, no I’m not, you just want me to be.
Dawson : I don’t agree with that, Jen if you weren’t so special then you wouldn’t be so miserable.

Joey: Wow. I just crossed a line into that world where girls pressure their boyfriends into doing stuff with them, and then-- I just referred to you as my boyfriend. I'm a mess. I apologize.

CJ: I've been doing this for 2 years.
Jen: Great. Well, maybe your expertise will come in handy when we get to a hypothetical situation involving casual sex and a couple of blond girls.

Joey: You know, C.J. I really think it's great how you've turned Jen around. Because before, believe me, I mean, she was a troubled young lady.
CJ: So she says.
Joey: She killed a girl once.
CJ: What?
Joey: Abby Morgan. Killed her with champagne. You want some?

CJ: Look, if what you to me about your past is true, then I'm guessin' what I don't understand is why the creeps and the scumbags who treated you so poorly got the benefit of your sex drive. Whereas guys like me who actually treat you fairly well... we get ridiculed for wanting to have sex with you.
Jen: Wow. Kudos to you, C.J. That is the nicest way that anybody's ever called me a slut.
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